Kettlebell Gorilla Row Exercise: How to Do & Muscles Worked

Kettlebell Gorilla Row is considered one of the very effective and unusual series of exercises. One of them, namely “kettlebell clean”, has already been discussed in one of the previous articles, and in this one we will talk about the “gorilla row”. How to correctly perform the exercise and how to implement it in training – we will find out further.

What is Gorilla Row?

This technique is a bit like the dumbbell row, which is performed in a tilt with a fixed horizontal position. The gorilla row is executed without fixing the body. The undoubted advantage of this row is the high intensity of the exercise. It can be done in rounds, sets, or used in circuit training. This exercise is used in CrossFit or in some sports as an additional exercise.

What Muscles Do KB Gorilla Row Work?

In the same way as in the deadlift, the main muscle group is the latissimus dorsi, as well as the round muscles and the back of the deltoids. In the work, the muscles of the core, as well as the triceps, receive a static load. But since there is absolutely no isolation in the exercise, the legs also participate in the work, ensuring balance and stability. The lower back receives a great load and, due to the large amplitude, the latissimus dorsi muscles are perfectly stretched.

gorilla row exercise

How to Do Kettlebell Gorilla Row?

There is an exercise routine using one kettlebell and two. The movement with one kettlebell is as follows:

  1. To perform the exercise, put the kettlebell on the floor and stand in front of it, placing your feet slightly wider than your shoulders for better stability.
  2. Next, the athlete should bend over so that the kettlebell is under the chest. It is very important to keep your back straight, not to bend or hunch over.
  3. The athlete pulls the sports equipment through the tension of the latissimus dorsi muscle, as well as bending the arm in the elbow regulation. Since this exercise is performed with a long amplitude, the arm is moved as high as possible at the top of the movement. An acute angle forms at the elbow.
  4. With a downward movement, the kettlebell returns to the floor and the athlete repeats the movement with the other hand.

The two-arm exercise is performed identically, except that the athlete holds the kettlebells in their hands and performs the exercise without pause to change arms. The movement is continuous.

How to Add Gorilla Row to Your Workout?

The gorilla row exercise is relevant in various sports, for example, in martial arts, but it should be implemented as an element of the endurance complex.

In the gym, it is relevant as a tiring exercise, which is performed before the main one, or as a final one in order to maximize the workout in order to load the muscles after exercise with a lot of weight.

Exercise is also relevant in wrestling. It should be performed in conjunction with the “kettlebell swing” and “kettlebell squat and press”. The complex is performed with a superset, using sets, for example 3-4, or rounds.

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