Nutrition for muscle mass gain

You can not find a powerful and inflated body without a decent muscle mass, for the recruitment of which you need a properly and competently composed diet. Importance is also played by exercises that form the musculature, but they are useless, if there is no “material” for the work.

Nutrition is the basis for recruiting mass in bodybuilding. It is a material for the construction of new, more powerful muscle fibers. Many who think that the main thing is to plow in the hall, and then it is already possible to eat a cheeseburger, are mistaken.

How to gain weight of the body so that the collected kilograms were on the muscles, and not fat? To manage your physical form, you must, first of all, know the basic rules of nutrition, and choose special products for weight gain.

Principles of nutrition for a set of muscles

It is based on four basic principles. They give a clear idea of what should be the menu of the athlete who wants to gain muscle.

Frequency of food intake

To the muscle mass grew, a person must eat. Together with products, a person receives energy and substances, through which all vital metabolic processes are carried out, tissues receive material for development and increase.


nutrition for a set of muscles


The set of muscle mass occurs only when the body has three important nutrients – proteins, fats, carbohydrates. If they do not come along with food at a certain time, the muscles just stop growing, which is certainly a serious problem for the athlete.

A typical person who does not want to become bigger, enough to eat three times a day. A bodybuilder does not like this schedule, because large pauses between meals create a nutrient deficiency. He needs to eat with breaks, which are not more than 3 hours, that is, adhere to a five-time or six-meals a day.

This mode allows the body not only easier to digest food, but also to get all the necessary nutrients for trouble-free work on building muscle tissue.

Caloric content of food

The fundamental principle of building a good muscle mass is that it is always necessary to clearly know how many calories are consumed per day. Otherwise, it will never be possible to achieve the intended goal.

Muscles grow only when the body receives calories. They do not all go for building fabrics. To this process, only a certain part goes. Consequently, the energy value of incoming food should always exceed the number of calories burned.

Harmony of proteins, fats and carbohydrates

Carefully adjusted ratio of nutrients allows to accurately construct a diet for massaging:

  • Proteins. Their number varies between 30 and 35%.
  • Fats. Should be 10-20% of the diet, and preference is given to walnut, sea fish, fish oil, fatty polyunsaturated acids.
  • Carbohydrates. Make up most of the menu, ranging from 50 to 60%.

The presence of a “window” of 5-10% implies that the exact ratio of BJU should be determined and adjusted individually, depending on the characteristics of the organism and the purposes.

Water and its quantity

Collect good muscle mass is impossible for those who do not pay attention to water – the presence of a sufficient amount of moisture in the body. The disadvantage is fraught with the lack of progress in the task set before the athlete. The optimal daily rate for those who build up their muscles is from two to four liters. The exact amount is determined by the weight of the athlete.

Do not drink while eating. This creates an obstacle to the natural process of digestion and assimilation of nutrients, does not allow the digestive system to work one hundred percent. Water is best used in breaks between meals.

Optimal time to eat

Before the start of training

There is better not before the occupation, but at least two hours before it. Preference should be given to products in which complex carbohydrates predominate. They allow you to get a big charge of energy to ensure effective and effective training.

You can eat a portion of pasta, cereals, as well as vegetables with fruits. No harm is brought by the protein-carbohydrate mixture. It can be drunk about half an hour before training.


nutrition for muscle mass


After the completion of training

Do not neglect the intake of food after classes. This time is most favorable for the assimilation of all necessary nutrients for building muscle mass, at the same time in the greatest quantity.

Immediately after the session, it is permissible to either use a portion of the geyner, or eat two bananas. A full meal should be in 40 minutes and consist mainly of proteins and slow carbohydrates.

Build-up of muscle mass: the main stages

For the muscles to increase in mass, it is necessary to understand that this process takes place in a certain sequence. If you follow exactly every step, the result will not take long:

  1. Starting to exercise, you must immediately take vitamins, amino acids, trace elements.
  2. Further, they introduce into their habitual diet a variety of food specialty supplements, and the main dishes will be supplemented with protein.
  3. Then start to drink the geyners. You need to do this gradually. First use a mixture with a small concentration of protein, and then increase it.
  4. Three months later, the gayers are replaced by carbohydrates and proteins.
  5. Having achieved that the mass of muscles has increased significantly, it is necessary to start using fat burners. They are accepted within a few weeks.

It is recommended to control that the body has enough nutrients and nutrients. To this end, it is necessary to take tests. This will allow you to adjust the food in a timely manner.

Advice of experienced bodybuilders on building muscle mass

Bodybuilders with experience, have a huge experience in how to build muscle. If you analyze what recommendations they give, the success in achieving the athlete’s goal of gaining a good muscle mass is as follows:

  1. Good appetite. You need to eat a lot, but not everything. Properly and competently formulated strategy for muscle growth is that there is a need to eat much more than an athlete can spend during the day, including taking into account the fact that a certain amount of calories is expended on the usual metabolism.
  2. The best exercises. For training it is recommended to choose only those that have time to prove themselves from the positive side and bring real results – becoming traction, squats, bench press, and also bending with a bar in the hand.
  3. Progress. Long to arrive in one weight, if it needs to be increased, is not recommended. It is always necessary to strive for the desired mass, practicing hard and training hard, eating properly.
  4. Caution with lifting weights. In order not to get injured and not to harm the body, it is necessary to take only the weight that is really possible. Otherwise, you can fail for several months.
  5. A full and good rest. The lack of recovery inhibits the process of mass recruitment. The organism should always be given a good rest, especially useful sleep.
  6. Do not cool down, but work in training. You should not give yourself an allowance. The gym needs a lot and work hard. Breaks between individual approaches should never exceed more than three minutes. This is enough to gain strength for the next set. Going to training, you need to be ready for a productive and productive lesson.

Following these recommendations will help to achieve success and the athlete’s goal. The main thing is to have motivation and desire.

Why do not you get it from beginners?

Newly baked bodybuilders are often surprised why they do not have growth, why their favorite biceps do not grow, just do not look in the mirror. And everything, because habits remained the same, he like to eat 3 times a day a standard portion, and continues to do. This is one of the most popular bugs novices. They forget that their “smart” body wants to grow, and hence the requirements for it will be much larger. It’s like with a car: the more solid it is, the more fuel it consumes. This can not be neglected!


building muscle mass


To get – you need to invest!

This is an established life principle, which deals with bodybuilding. This sport is not cheap, be prepared to spend on healthy and quality food, and in much larger quantities than before.

First, the athlete needs enough energy for a good workout. Let’s take a simple, but approximate formula: the weight in kg is multiplied by 30, this will be the daily norm of kcal. For example, an athlete weighs 100kg, which means that a day he needs to consume 3000kcal. This number can be increased or decreased depending on the observed results, because each metabolism is arranged differently.

Secondly, it is important to get a lot of proteins. For each kg of weight – 2 g of protein. If your weight is 100 kg, then you need to consume at least 200 g of protein daily. But in no case is not less, it is better to eat more, in reserve.

The best nutrition for muscle growth is every 3 hours. Why is that?

  • Useful substances from food are digested in small portions. Therefore, if one at a time to eat a large dish, then half of the useful elements will just go into the toilet, it turns out to be a bogus. Divide your diet into 5-6 regular meals.
  • After eating, the body starts an active “building”, which lasts for 3 hours, after which the economy starts, which again “freezes” the anabolic processes in your body.


So, in order to build muscle mass, remember the following important points:

  • training only partly determines success;
  • a balanced diet is mandatory;
  • You can not neglect your own health in pursuit of the goal;
  • Restoration and rest are an integral part of the process of muscle building;
  • never be lazy in training.

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