Nutrition in bodybuilding. Daily norm, types of metabolism.

Nutrition in bodybuilding is a very popular topic for conversation. Different advice on how to eat a huge amount. Let’s try to generalize information and add something new.

Of course, the food should be well balanced and full. Well, if you have the opportunity to eat often (up to 6 times a day), if this is not possible, then eat at least 3 times a day. You can not say that you have to eat everything and in any quantity. In this case, the main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise the excess can go to fat. The main products needed for eating are foods with a high content of carbohydrates and proteins. It is through these substances that muscle growth occurs. Those who need, on the contrary, to lose weight, read the article diet for weight loss, which lists the products recommended for this purpose.

Simple rules

Important conditions for bodybuilding nutrition are: to use protein in the calculation of 1.5-2 g per 1 kg of your weight (to determine more accurately, you need to try a few options and see the increase in mass); to get with food more kcal (energy) than consumed by the body. These two simple rules form the basis of any sporting correct diet. For beginners, this is quite enough. More experienced athletes come to the aid of special mixtures, geyners, etc. They can be easily purchased in any stores with sports supplements. They are created in order not to suffer with endless cooking and calculating calories.


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How can I determine how many calories I have spent, and how much should I eat?
To the basic metabolism, an arbitrary metabolism is added and a daily rate is obtained. For the athlete, the daily average is 2,800 kcal. That there was a growth of muscles, it is necessary to eat more on 300-400 from norm or rate. To calculate the calories eaten, look at the package number of calories per 100 g of product. Sum up all kcal and compare with the theoretical number, which is calculated according to your age.

Calculation formula

The age of the man is 18-30, then the formula has the form 15.8 * your weight in kg + 679.
Age 30-60: 11.6 * your weight is + 879.
If you are over 60 years old: 13.5 * weight + 487.

Thus, we get a figure for the basic metabolism. To it we add 400 kcal, if at you a way of life inactive; 600 units, if the way of life is mobile and 800, when you have a very mobile kind of life. The deviation from the daily rate is 150 units. Bodybuilding nutrition should consider only fats and carbohydrates. Proteins are very slightly used as a fuel.

For example, the calculation for a man of 20 years, weighing 80 kg: 15.8 * 80 + 679 = 1943 (basic metabolism) + 600 = 2543 – daily rate. To progress, in the diet for the day should be 2,843 calories.


Some calculations of kcal per 100g of product:

  • In fruits 44, in vegetables 22, in potatoes 84, various cereals – from 240 to 310, in bread 240, vegetable oil – 900. 
  • In 1 g of proteins contains 4 kcal. 
  • In 1 g of carbohydrates – up to 4 kcal. 
  • In 1 g of fats – 9 kcal.

In protein foods (raw form) per 100 g of product contains protein:

  • in chicken breast to 20 g; 
  • in beef about 18 g; 
  • in fish 17-22 g; 
  • in low-fat cottage cheese up to 16 g; 
  • in the egg about 6 g.

A very important point is eating bodybuilding food after the training. More and more athletes use sports supplements, but they do it right after training, which is a big mistake. The first 20-30 minutes the body does not break down the protein is capable of high quality, so the whole protein is squandered to restore energy reserves. All the rules are fairly simple and easy to remember.


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Count all the products that we use for the whole day is quite difficult, besides it takes a long time. But professionals are engaged in this, because they know how the correct calculations affect the growth of muscle mass. Nutrition in bodybuilding – a very important point that should be given a large amount of time and effort to achieve the best results.

Feeding for weight gain

The weight for each athlete plays a crucial role. Because the weight of the athlete was at the proper level, you need food to gain weight. Strictly adhering to such rules, the athlete gains the necessary weight. Based on the weight of the athlete, there are many factors. For example, the weight category in which he falls.

In order to gain weight, there is a whole range of measures. The most important and generally fundamental, is considered proper nutrition. After all, you can eat a lot, but the weight will not be typed, but you can eat slightly, but the necessary food. In that case, it’s very cool to gain weight. There are basic foods for weight gain. These include mainly foods in which there is a lot of protein ( eggs , fish, cottage cheese , sour cream, milk).

It is important to consume a certain amount of carbohydrates. They are divided into slow and fast. To slow are-tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, carrots, olives, boiled potatoes, eggs. To fast – honey, sugar, jam, bread, pastries, confectionery. If you make the right diet, with the right amount of substances for weight gain, then it will not be difficult to get it.


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But unfortunately, not all people manage to gain weight solely due to proper nutrition. Some begin to resort to sports nutrition . Sports nutrition for muscle mass is widely distributed among athletes of all levels, from conventional amateurs to high-level professionals. At the heart of sports nutrition is a large number of those same proteins and carbohydrates. In contrast to ordinary food, they contain a large number. This is what allows you to gain weight quickly enough. The plus of sports nutrition is that every athlete can take it safely, as it is not banned by any organization, and has not the slightest relation to doping.

Sports nutrition has a huge number of types:

  • protein (the most common, among all types of nutrition, the basis is protein);
  • geyner (contains a complex of carbohydrates and substances that allow you to gain directly the common muscle mass, is widely distributed among professional athletes);
  • all kinds of vitamins, such as BCAA.

There is a possibility that sports nutrition will negatively affect your health, stomach upset may occur. This rarely happens, it happens to anyone who has problems with the digestive system. Creatine (monohydrate) is not recommended for people with diseased kidneys, since it makes them load. Therefore, before starting the course of its use, you should consult a doctor. Before buying sports nutrition, read the reviews on the forums on bodybuilding, about the quality and effect of taking one or another sports supplement.

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