Secrets of low carb diets in bodybuilding

If your goal is to achieve results and start gaining weight immediately, then it is recommended to take a special course for relief and muscle growth. It is based on a study (conducted by Jeff Wolek). Specialists managed to find out that the weight gain formula should include the following components: a low-carb diet in bodybuilding, strength exercises and proper nutrition.

People who participated in the experiment achieved good results – they managed to burn up to 5 kilograms of fat and achieve a real increase in muscle mass. One of the participants managed to increase weekly one kilogram of pure muscles. At the same time, the volume of muscle fat also decreased.

In addition, participants decreased the risk of diabetes and heart disease (if compared with people who strictly followed the diet). Unique results were achieved due to a strict adherence to the program – diet and exercise.


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Low-carbohydrate diet is known to us from the middle of the XX century. And to this day it has not lost its popularity and relevance, on the contrary – this technique again at the peak of popularity. Now you can get acquainted with her unique advice.

The meaning of a low-carb diet

This technique is not distinguished by a high level of “understatement”. All that is needed for effective weight loss is a significant decrease in the carbohydrate share. With this technique, there is no need to monitor calories and infringe on other nutrients.

Principle of the diet

Getting into our body, glucose is distributed by cells and serves as one of the sources of our energy. The more sweet we eat, the more insulin is produced in our body. Insulin serves as a transport that carries glucose molecules to the body’s cells, but not all molecules can be consumed in a day, and the remainder is stored as fat.

Not getting the right amount of carbohydrates, the body goes to another source of energy – glycogen, which accumulates in the liver. When these stocks end, the body turns to fat. It is on this principle that a low-carbohydrate diet is based.

The basic rules of a low carb diet

The food should be balanced. The main purpose of food intake is to achieve saturation, not overflow of the stomach. Thanks to such a simple approach, it is possible to keep the appetite under control. At the same time you can safely eat and successfully burn fat deposits (to monitor the level of calories is not necessary).

The main principle of a low-carbohydrate diet is to reduce the intake of carbohydrates to reduce excess body fat and increase the amount of protein consumed. In this situation, the body is forced to use not the glucose, but the accumulated fatty deposits. As a consequence, it helps to control the feeling of hunger and the current level of sugar in the blood.

Diet rules:

  • Each reception should contain a sufficient amount of protein – the building material necessary for growth and restoration of muscles. This is true even in cases when it comes to burning fat. We must not forget that it is proteins that help to feel satiety.
  • Try not to give up fat – they should be in the diet. It is thanks to dietary fats that it is possible to control the consumption of calories. With their help it is possible to preserve the feeling of saturation in the stomach longer. While the body experiences regular physical activity, it is not worth to be afraid of fats – they are safe and do not affect the gain of excess fat.
  • Focus on vegetables. A survey of several thousand people who “sat” on a low-carb diet, showed that rapid weight loss is characteristic of people who consumed low-starch vegetables.
  • Reduce the consumption of fruit, milk and berries to a minimum. Studies have shown that to get rid of fat and the simultaneous growth of muscles, it is sufficient to limit the intake of the above products. If you control the amount of carbohydrates and do not exceed the norm, then it is not necessary to refuse them.
  • Add food to the diet, in which there is no starch and sugar.

The advantage of such products (without starch and sugar) is in a large volume of “right” carbohydrates. The most dangerous – pasta, bread, beans, rice, carbonated drinks, sweets, pastries and others. Before taking a particular product, carefully study the labels on the package. If one portion more than five grams of carbohydrates, then from such a product it is worth noting. But do not bring to fanaticism. The main thing is to pay attention to the main ingredients that are contained in the supplement. Otherwise, the products may contain a small amount of starch or sugar (this is permissible).


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Low carb diet: the basis of the diet

An important moment for an athlete who sets the task to build muscle mass is proper nutrition during the day. The diet of a low-carb diet should be based on vegetables and meat. So, the menu (as an option) looks like this:

  1. For breakfast – scrambled eggs (scrambled eggs, boiled eggs) with the addition of meat, cheese or bacon.
  2. At noon (the second tomorrow) – cheese (any of the honeycombs), seeds, nuts and vegetables. A big plus is to drink a protein cocktail during the day.
  3. Dinner. Here the choice is wide – tuna or turkey is allowed. A hamburger is allowed (but without a roll).
  4. Dinner. Here you can not load the stomach – just a small piece of meat and vegetables. For example, a perfect fillet with salad and tomatoes, fried chicken and mozzarella cheese.

To make it easier to navigate, we will list the useful products of a low-carb diet in bodybuilding:

  • With protein content – cheese, eggs, fish, pork, poultry, beef.
  • Low-starchy vegetables – cucumbers, asparagus, celery, cauliflower, broccoli, artichokes.
  • Natural fats – coconut, avocado, fatty sour cream, nuts and seeds, olives, cream, coconut, butter.

Particular attention should be paid to the liquid in the diet of a low-carb diet. During the day, any beverage is allowed, but it is better to give preference to water, tea without sugar or coffee. Alcohol is allowed, but in small quantities. It is desirable to confine yourself to a small amount of wine (150-200 ml per day).

The main thing is to exclude carbonated water and shop juices, in which, in addition to sugar, there is nothing useful.

Nutrition and training process

An important point is nutrition in the training period. An hour before classes, it is necessary to give the body 18-20 grams of protein and the same for 20-30 minutes after classes. The best option is a protein cocktail. Preference should be given to those options for supplements, in which the least fat and carbohydrates. It is best if in one portion of a protein cocktail the body receives 24 g of protein, one gram of fat and two grams of carbohydrates.


low carb diets in bodybuilding



  • 100-gram can of tuna;
  • 100-120 grams of meat (preferably white);
  • three eggs (hard-boiled or in the form of an omelet).

If all the rules of a low-carb diet in bodybuilding are observed, but the result still does not come, then reconsider the daily amount of calories consumed. Multiply the body weight that is needed by 11-12. The figure is the number of calories that must be received within 24 hours.

Do not be surprised if the first 4-5 days there will be a feeling of fatigue or excessive irritation. The organism needs some time to get used to it. If a week later, fatigue is still present, then make sure that the body receives a sufficient amount of water. The main thing – drink up to 270-300 ml of liquid every 2-3 hours during the day. If there is discomfort in the digestive tract, add fiber to the diet.


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